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Parmar Enterprises offering full range of irrigation and horticulture services. Based in Central India, we are a prime manufacturer and developer of Poly House, Green House, Net House, All Type of Plantation and Ware Houses. With rich experience and complete know-how of the market, we have been able to carry our business in a prominent way and very efficiently to derive result bound solutions at every time.






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What Is Poly House...?
Poly House farming is a new and widely accepted method of farming in present days. However, there are many doubts asked by farmers regarding Poly House and its benefits. The Poly House is a tunnel used with polyethylene in semicircular shape. Polyethylene sheets stabilize the ultraviolet rays and helps in proper photosynthesis in crops. We can make it in other shapes also but the semicircular shape is most commonly adopted shape in Poly House. Mostly it is constructed in east to west direction to allow proper entry of sunlight. The colour of the crops also was not faded and it was very attractive as well as best in quality.
Importance & Advantages of Poly House Farming - In Poly House farming, Parmar Interprises can protect your crops from any adverse environment such as high humidity or high temperature. There is a facility in Poly House to control temperature or humidity. There will be an increase in the production of vegetables, fruits or flowers in Poly House farming without losing their color and quality. Poly House can protect the crops by preventing the entry of animals and birds into the farm. When we cultivate in normal farm, nearly 1/3rd of the crops may be lost due to the attack of insects and worms, whereas in Poly House farming, we can harvest the crops about 3 to 5 times more without much damage or loss. We can farm any crop in Poly House regardless of season or place which grows like tulips, strawberries, alpines etc. One of the main reasons for the decrease in agriculture in India now-a-days is non availability of enough agricultural lands. But the invention of Poly House is a solution for lack of agricultural lands. We can get more crops from less space in Polyhouse Farming. The Poly House is made in such a way that it can provide water and fertilizers in required amounts in a controlled manner which can result in high yields.
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